How to delete Facebook Photo Album

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This article shows you how to delete photo album on Facebook,

Follow these steps;

1. Login to your account

2. Navigate to Photos menu on left sidebar, or click photos on Favorites menu if you are in your profile.

3. You will see 3 menus, two of them written “Your Photos“, “Albums“. Just click on albums, You will be taken to your albums where you will click the name of the album you want to delete as shown below

4. Click the album you wish to delete

5. Click The ENGINE icon on top right corner

Then in the DROP menu, Select Delete album, click that and you will be prompted to confirm your action, just click DELETE ALBUM and your album will be deleted.


Due to to the updates made by facebook, you can follow this steps to delete your album.

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Go to photos menu, by clicking PHOTOS while on your Facebook timeline.
3. On photos page, you will see “Your Photos”, and “Album”, just click on album.
4. You will see the list of all your albums, select the album you wish to delete by clicking on it.
5. Then at top left of your album, you will see the 4 buttons, the last one with “gear/settings” icon, just click it as shown in screenshot below.
6. After clicking that icon you will see delete album.